Advanced Cardiology & Primary Care LLC’s Gastrointestinal Health Services Include:

Gastrointestinal health issues, such as stomach pain, frequent heartburn and constipation, are some of the most common complaints we see in practice. These problems may be self-limiting or chronic in nature. They may be relatively innocuous or a sign of a serious medical issue. If you are suffering from stomach or bowel issues that are bothersome every day for longer than a couple of weeks, we want to see you”.

All of us suffer from stomach or intestinal upset at one time or another, but when symptoms persist they may be a sign of a more serious condition. Persistent vomiting, changes in bowel habits, abdominal distention, fever, abdominal pain, blood in the stool, weight loss and loss of appetite all require medical evaluation to rule out potentially serious disorders.

Treatment of gastrointestinal health issues starts with a visit to a primary care physician, who will be able to treat your condition in most cases. Many people assume that they will need to see a gastroenterologist for any gastrointestinal issues, but this is not usually the case. As an internal medicine physician, we are able to manage most common gastrointestinal problems; however, in the event that you require a referral to a gastroenterologist, this can be arranged through our office. We will work hand in hand with your specialist to provide you the necessary treatment and can see you regularly between specialist appointments.

It is difficult to know when symptoms are nothing to be alarmed about or cause for concern- this is where we come in. We see and treat a wide variety of gastrointestinal symptoms, including:

  • rectal pain or bleeding
  • sores in the mouth
  • heartburn/acid reflux
  • stomach pain or pain in the abdomen
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • unintended weight loss
  • fever
  • blood in the stool

Many people are embarrassed to discuss personal issues such as their bowel habits and delay seeking treatment, hoping that the issue will go away on its own. This can be a costly mistake that can delay diagnosis of a serious, and potentially life-threatening, condition. We go out of our way to make you feel comfortable. Please feel free to ask questions and discuss symptoms freely- as a health professional, there is nothing you can tell us that we haven’t heard before! If you are experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms, make an appointment today.