Consultative Cardiology For the Florham Park Community

Our Primary Cardiology Program offers patients the highest level of medical expertise in the Florham Park region.  Our specialists consult with all patients, new and existing on cardiovascular diseases and suspected cardiovascular diseases.  We provide options for patients with complex heart problems and assist with advice, decision making, and any medical care needed along the way.

Cardiovascular Conditions Our Cardiologists Address:

  • Heart failure
  • Heart valve disorders
  • Abnormal heart rhythms
  • Angina (chest pain)
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Microvascular coronary artery disease 
  • Heart disease with unique characteristics

Advanced Cardiology Care is committed to providing an elevated level of exceptional quality care to our patients.  Our physicians treat each patient as family and each individual case in a kind, compassionate manner.  While our experienced team will address the full range of cardiovascular conditions, you know you are in safe hands with us.

Heart Healthy Activities in the Florham Park Area

Florham Park is a Borough located 30 miles west of New York City in Morris County.  Populated by approximately 12,605 residents, Florham Park finds all sorts of ways to stay active within the community.  There is a municipal pool with membership options, great for swimming laps.  Florham Park offers a variety of recreational leagues, not just for children, but adults too!  These include men’s softball and yoga classes.  There’s a Trader Joe’s with lots of vegetarian and vegan options.  A Chop’t Creative Salad spot for lunch, and Jungle Juice bars in the nearby surrounding areas.

NJ Weight Loss Specialist

Dr. Bijal Dave is a bariatrician and primary care doctor that specializes in obesity medicine and weight loss. Many cardiology patients benefit from a weight loss program. Contact one of our offices to schedule a comprehensive medical weight loss evaluation today.