Medical Stress Testing in Troy Hills

Our Advanced Cardiology practice offers top of the line and modern equipment for exercise stress tests.  Our professional staff is highly trained in operating these tests, and takes special care to assure our patients feel comfortable.

An exercise stress test checks on the way your heart is performing while you are moving and exercising.  This is helpful as the test given at a resting heart rate may not reveal certain heart problems or issues that you could actually be experiencing.

How a Stress Test is Administered

An EKG, or electrocardiogram, monitors your heart’s electrical activity and an exercise stress test is an EKG that is performed while you walk or run on a treadmill.  A lab technician will attach several electrodes to your chest to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure.

Your lab technician will then ask you to begin walking on a treadmill. As the intensity of the exercise increases, the technician will watch your heart’s electrical activity.  Exercise as much as you can for as long as you can and keep track to see if you feel anything unusual while doing so.  When the test is completed, the information recorded will be given to your doctor to be analyzed.

Healthy Local Troy Hills Activities

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