What are Holter and Event Loop Monitoring Devices?

Irregular heart beats are detected by using Holter and event loop monitors.  Holter monitors act as portable devices that record data, as your heart rhythm to be evaluated and studied by your cardiologist.  Also a portable device, event loop monitors can be worn for long periods of time, up to several months.  Data recorded such as irregular heart rhythm and palpitations, is sent automatically from the device directly to your doctor.

Holter monitoring for residents of Convent Station

With Holter monitoring, several electrodes are attached to your chest by a technician to monitor your heart’s electrical activity.  Recorded by a small device that is worn either as a shoulder strap or belt, your heart’s activity and information is then stored.  Data is then analyzed at the end of the testing period which usually takes about 2 days.

Event loop monitoring

Similar to the Holter monitor, the event loop monitoring device is worn across the body to track your heart’s data.  Simply press a button on the monitor when you feel symptoms such as heart palpitations.  Information on your heart’s electrical activity is then sent directly from your monitor to your doctor for analysis. The elongated testing period, which is usually one to four weeks of collecting data, allows our doctor to check and analyze your detailed heart activity and records.

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