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Do’s and Don’ts after your Cardiac Catheterization

Do’s…. Keep your bandage clean and dry for 24 hours after the procedure You can remove the bandage after 24 hours from your procedure, remember to wash your hands before removing the bandage  If you notice any bleeding, lie down, apply pressure over the site and call your doctor You can shower after 24 hours from […]

COVID-19 VACCINE – What NJ Residents Need to Know

COVID-19 VACCINE Information We are over a year into this pandemic but we now have a light at the end of the tunnel. We have 3 safe and effective vaccines approved in the U.S.  Almost everyone should be getting vaccinated when it is your turn.  If you have specific questions about the vaccine or if […]

Speaker at the Tri-state Obesity Society: Obesity Medicine Virtual Career Panel 2021

February 2021 The Tri-state Obesity Society (TriOS) enthusiastically welcomes three physicians who have trailblazed careers in obesity medicine. Join us for a 1-hour presentation and Q&A during which Drs. Bijal Dave, Rameck R. Hunt, and Amy Articolo share their professional journeys, practical advice for those newly interested, and their visions for the future of obesity […]