Cardiac Catheterization do's and dont's

Structural Heart Disease and TAVR

Structural Heart Disease refers to defects within your heart that you were either born with or have developed due to aging, injury, or infection.

What is a TAVR? (Also called TAVI)

TAVR a procedure that repairs the valve without removing the old, damaged valve. It wedges a replacement valve into the aortic valve’s place. This minimally invasive surgery may be called a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) or transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI).

How does valve-within-valve work?

The TAVI approach delivers a fully collapsible replacement valve to the valve site through a catheter.  It is somewhat similar to a stent placed in an artery.  Once the new valve is expanded, it pushes the old valve leaflets out of the way and the tissue in the replacement valve takes over the job of regulating blood flow.

How does TAVR or TAVI differ from the standard valve replacement?

FDA approved for people with symptomatic aortic stenosis who are considered a high risk patient for standard valve replacement surgery, this fairly new procedure has significant differences.

Who is considered a good candidate for this type of valve surgery?

Currently reserved for those people for whom an open heart procedure is too risky, this valve surgery would be an option.  Most people who have this procedure have other medical conditions that make them a better candidate for this type of surgery and tend to be in their 70s or 80s.

Be Heart Healthy in Green Township

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